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The advanced digital marketing course, offered here at BISDM will help you to grow your business and abilities as per the market standards. Come and join BISDM, to fit in this fastest growing industry as a marketer.

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Startup Marketing


Have an idea and want to implement it? Don’t know the market standards and strategies to start something afresh? If your answer is YES, then join the Startup Marketing Course at BISDM. You will learn the market strategies from the market experts.

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Corporate Training


Corporate Training helps the professionals to enhance their functional skills without leaving the job. In order to increase the ROI of the business, you can get your employees trained from our highly experienced trainers.

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We here at BISDM believes in delivering an extensive solution for the students, freshers, professionals, startups, entrepreneurs, and homemakers, to understands the market strategies to grow fast. A comprehensive and quality training offered by us at BISDM, which also includes the practical training, this is what makes us different. Trainers who have become successful and, gained the expertise in their niche, will be teaching you the industry’s trends here.





Want to start your career after passing 12th or completing your graduation? Confused! Which industry to choose? Want to know the right career choices as per your abilities? Join BISDM, to get all the answers, you are looking for.



Bored with your current job? Not getting the payout you deserve? Want to upgrade your position? Professional course offered here at BISDM will let you upgrade yourself in order to achieve your vivid goal.



Want to outpower your business? Not getting the right audience? ROI is not increasing? Amidst such a scenario, you can join this advanced digital marketing course specifically designed for entrepreneurs.



Advance programme in Digital Marketing & Branding .Make your skills an asset.



This module will help everyone to understand all the aspects of Digital Marketing. You will also get to know the pros and cons of selecting Digital Marketing as a career option. This module includes:

  • Meaning of Marketing and the types of marketing?

  • What is Digital Marketing?

  • Difference between traditional and Digital Marketing

  • Future Scope of the Digital Marketing

  • How to implement the market strategies?

In this module you will be learning the benefits of creating a website for your business. Our trainers will help you to analyse the requirements and creating your own website. TIn this module we cover several topics which includes:

  • Analysis and creation of the new business,e-commerce website or blog.

  • Benefits of creating website.

  • What Tools and software will be used?

  • What will be the platform of the website?

this module will be going to include:

  • What is SEO and types of SEO?

  • Difference between on-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

  • Website designing and its influence on SEO

  • Required tools and software

  • Benefits of SEO in ranking your website

Google adwords is a paid service offered by google to increase the traffic. This module includes:

  • What is PPC Google Adwords?

  • How PPC works?

  • What are PPC services and what is the keyword’s significance?

  • How to create an AD and campaign?

In Display Advertising module, we will be covering:

  • Needs of Display advertising and what it is?

  • Steps to create and run ads.

  • What is the need to run ad on third party websites?

  • What are the different types of ad in display advertising?

It is one of the best approach of marketing and branding your business. We will cover here:

  • The work flow of the Email Marketing.

  • How to design and create a targeted email to send?

  • Benefits of Email Marketing for the business.

  • Tips and tricks to avoid spam box.

  • How to become a successful email marketer?

  • Requirements of e-commerce marketing

  • Techniques and strategies used to market product and services online.

  • SEO and PPC to increase the traffic as well as sales.

  • Tools and software required for e-commerce marketing

  • What is the Lead Generation process for business?

  • How to generate leads using SEO and PPC.

  • Why do we need landing page to generate more leads.

  • Tips and tricks to generate more leads.

  • What is B2B sale and the role of lead generation in marketing.

  • Importance of lead generation.

In this module we are going to cover all the important aspects of marketing such as:

  • Customization of products as per the devices.

  • Process to create and run ads as well as campaign of mobile marketing.

  • Importance of mobile marketing.

  • Type of mobile marketing and their importance in generating leads.

it will include:

  • What is Inbound Marketing and its benefits.

  • Tips and tricks to attract more traffic.

  • Importance over other type of Marketing.

  • How digital marketing and inbound marketing are related?

  • Tactics to get more audience using content.

ORM helps you to maintain your good online presence for your audience. Here we will cover:

  • What is Online Reputation Management and why you need it?

  • The process of maintaining and working on Online Reputation Management.

  • Requirement of Online Reputation Management.

  • Tips and tricks must be followed.

Affiliate Marketing module includes:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing and its significance?

  • How to start Affiliate business?

  • Process to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

  • Trips and tactics to get the better results.

  • How to use Affiliate Marketing to increase the ROI?

  • Relation with Digital Marketing?

  • What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

  • Local SEO or Global Expansion

  • Advantages of Integrated Digital Marketing.

  • What is the role of content in Marketing?

  • What is a Blog?

  • How to earn by Blogging?

  • What is Google Adsense?

  • Google Adsense and blogging goes hand in hand.

  • How to create google adsense account?

  • Calculate your profitability.

  • What is Social Media Marketing?

  • Why do we need to market our business on social media platforms?

  • How to use content for getting better results.

  • Tactics to generate more traffic using social media platforms.

  • How to use Groups, Forum, Community and other platform to market?

  • How to target specific audience?

  • Content Marketing and its workflow.

  • Strategies to create efficient content.

  • Tips and tricks needs to followed to attract audience.

  • Comparison of the content.

  • Video and infographic content for the better marketing results.

After the good understanding of Digital Marketing concept, you can start with your own projects. After that, You can get the freelancing projects from other business as well. We at BISDM provide live projects where you will be required to work with all these aspects of Digital Marketing, which will help you to grab freelancing projects.

  • Grab projects from the market.

Analyse the traffic and performance of your website and make further tactics to increase the traffic, with the help of Google Analytics. In this module you will learn to:

  • Create the account to track the traffic and performance.

  • Analyse the performance of various websites.

  • Track various campaigns.



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